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White After Labor Day? Here's How to Pull it Off

White After Labor Day? Here's How to Pull it Off

Fashion rules are made to be broken—and no rule warrants defying quite like banning white after Labor Day.
Fashion rules are made to be broken—and no rule warrants defying quite like banning white after Labor Day. White is such a versatile color it deserves to be in our wardrobes year-round. Still, the reasoning behind the rule makes at least a little sense—too much white, and your outfit starts to look either too summery or too bridal.
Thankfully, there are tons of options for fall and winter outfits so you can make the most of white without looking too off-season. Keep the following suggestions in mind as you integrate white into your cold-weather wardrobe.

Layer White Over or Under Other Colors

Layering is a top fall fashion technique, and for good reason—in addition to ensuring extra comfort in varying weather conditions, this approach allows you to integrate a variety of looks that might otherwise be limited to other seasons. For example, a basic long sleeve crew neck top in white can instantly look cozier when layered underneath a vest or a reversible poncho. Or, pick from cardigans in a wide array of vibrant colors—they will pair perfectly with white camisoles.

Try Different Shades of White

White is far more varied than most people realize. In addition to pure white, variations could include off-white, cream, or eggshell. Play with different shades to find a hue that looks right at home in your fall or winter wardrobe. The Canvas edition of Moto Jacket, for example, can be worn with a contrasting shirt to bring a touch of feminine to an otherwise structured look.

Include Unexpected Details

White tops are often simple, but small details can add plenty of visual interest. Back pleats, for example, bring depth to otherwise standard looks. The ruffles cited above are also a great option. The subtlest details can be the most effective, particularly when your outfit is dominated by white pieces.

Add Boots

Virtually any white ensemble can be transported into the fall season with the simple addition of boots. You will instantly feel ready to tackle the brisk feel of autumn just by tucking your dark denim into a tall pair of boots. Mix it up further with a pair of unexpected white boots; from sleek high-heeled pairs to combat styles, there are tons of eye-catching options to tie together your look.


When in doubt, you can change the look or feel of virtually any outfit with the right accessories. White items, for example, look lovely with dark or colorful outfits. Start with a white hat, which can bring an element of coziness or even sophistication into your look. White belts can be risky but paired with dark skinny jeans, they're bound to attract attention. Otherwise, a colorful scarf or vibrant jewelry can pair nicely with a basic white top, such as a simple tunic with 3/4 sleeves.
There's no reason to shy away from white when the weather grows cold. With a little ingenuity, your favorite white pieces can be worn on a year-round basis. If you dare to break the silly rule about wearing white after Labor Day just once, you'll quickly fall in love with the versatility this color brings to your cold-weather wardrobe—and you'll wonder why you ever limited white to the summer months.
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